Ad blockers- what does this mean for marketers?

Another new marketing trend that is receiving over 300 million downloads are ad-blocking extensions, are becoming popular to filter or block advertising content on websites. So what does this mean to marketers? Marketers and businesses therefore have to come up with other ways to target their audiences and think beyond advertising and shift marketing dollars into other streams. As Hall. J, 2016, suggests there will be a focus more on earned and amplified media. The creation of branded content that is placed in contextually relevant environments to engage audiences will be more of an emphasis now rather than relying on SEO.

Finding other ways like in-article adverts, reviews or native content to market your business or product is another way as it is providing audiences with value and information. The use of influencer marketing is on the rise as it provides a powerful tool to drive sales to leverage the scale of a personality/persona that consumers follow and admire that is inline with the brands values. Influencer marketing also allows brands to organically speak to their consumers on social platforms and connect with even more potential audiences with that influencer’s social network. While these options may cost more to marketers than buying standard display ads, if done right the value the customers gets back far out ways the costs to marketers as it will hopefully give them greater ROI in return.

So whether marketers think that ad blockers are a nuisance to their overall digital marketing plan, to me this can present an opportunity and challenge to explore other options that can perhaps still deliver the same message straight to its audiences.




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